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Michael Harlung-Jensen

Oslo based digital designer

Herrjensen is me, Michael Harlung-Jensen. A danish guy based in Oslo since 2017. Here I’ve been freelancing, working on all sorts of projects mainly doing design and WordPress work for small and medium businesses.

Below is a small selection of my most recent work. I’ve been involved in everything on each project, from the initial design stage to the development.


Website for Trendform. A company that specialises in custom-designed and fitted IKEA kitchens. They wanted clean lines - to fit with their design profile - while keeping focus on high converting elements.


Website for Clipso. Custom made fabrics for ceilings and walls that provides excellent acustic and lighting possibilities. Focus was on conversion while trying to elevate the brand from a stiff, clumsy corporate expression to a more elegant feel.


Moduo manufactures and installs custom made garages and carports. I made a website with the aim of showcasing their lineup as well as converting visitors into customers.

Jødisk Kulturfestival

Website and identity for Jewish festival of culture that takes place yearly in Copenhagen.